LOEWENHERZ (German for Lionheart) symbolizes strength, endurance, and courage, as well as compassion, mindfulness, and sensitivity. To combine these apparently opposites is one of the most important fundamentals of our work.

Coaching is a path you take to make changes in your life, whether to become free, to grow inwardly, or to become more conscious of yourself and your potential – and to live up to that potential. We have the deepest respect for the clients taking this path.

Each of us has an individual emotional intelligence that can help us clearly see our personal path in life. Each of us has an inner source of power, joy, and wisdom, that enables us to grow, to cope with crises, and to master life. We have abilities, strength, and knowledge, but due to our life experiences our potential often remain hidden.

We work with the client to uncover these blockages, to remind them of their innate potential, to empower them, and to help them to live up to their potential.

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