I use my branding skills to make a meaningful contribution to the world I live. Why choose the complex and controversial issue of climate change? Because time is running out and in my opinion branding can help.

We won’t make people change their behavior by giving them more information. The information everyone needs to understand the problem and to make the necessary changes has been available for years. Hundreds of government and NGO websites offer them.

We won’t make people change their behavior by making them feel bad or guilty, either. The very fact that environment protection is often associated with guilt and bad feelings is one of the reasons why people ignore the issue.

And we won’t make people give up comfort, technology, or their modern way of life. Preaching frugality and backwardness won’t get many results either.

The solution is branding and communications. We must elevate sustainable behavior and environmental protection to a coolness status, something people will voluntarily and eagerly want to do. Sustainability must be certified cool. That’s why I called my company Certified Coolness.

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