What differentiates you from your competitors? A strong brand!

I have been doing branding for more than two decades – longer than I did architecture and construction. To me branding is a virtual kind of architecture enriched by many layers of meaning and built on storytelling.

Many people wrongly think that the brand elements like name and logo are the brand itself. The brand elements are only triggers, bringing up images people have previously stored in their brains. The brand therefore is immaterial and exists only inside people’s heads.

It’s all about images. As a brand builder you wish that people have certain images associated with your brand but you can’t really control it. All you can do is send messages and tell stories. How you send these messages and tell these stories depends on the kind of brand and type of audience.

Some people think that brands are not necessary and that branded goods and services are only a tool for greedy companies to extract premium prices from naive consumers. That’s far from true. Brands play an important and legitimate role in our lives. They give us security and simplify our lives.

Say you are in a foreign country and need to buy toothpaste or chewing gum. The supermarket shelves are full of brands you never heard of and sometimes written in a language you can’t understand. Then you see a brand you know. Chances are you are going to buy this brand even though it’s a brand you normally don’t use at home. Better safe than sorry...

Branding is a tool and like any tool it can be used properly or not. You can use a knife to cook or to hurt someone. You can brand relevant products and services or harmful ones. You have a choice. Make use of it!

I believe that you can even and should use branding to help change the world. I use my branding skills to help the cause of sustainability, environment protection, and climate change.