It's about time that you feel at home and happy in Germany!

You lost a lot when you moved here: friends, family, career, language, culture: a large part of your identity. Mourning for this loss is natural and very important because it releases the energy you need to start over.

But sometimes it’s difficult to move on. You tend to internalize your problems, hoping they will get away as time goes by. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't. This can affect your personal wellbeing, your relationships, even your performance at work.

The past should be a source of inspiration, not sorrow. You can rebuild everything you've lost, and even better than it was. Starting from scratch is an opportunity to finally do things the way you always wanted to. Living in Germany is a great chance for personal growth. Don't waste it!

I can support you on your journey. I've lived abroad for almost 30 years, 25 of them in Germany. I help my clients to adapt and thrive in this wonderful part of the world. I coach in English, German, and Portuguese.

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