There are different types of coaching and lots of approaches, methods, and tools.

Most of the labels aren't self-explaining. This makes it difficult to give a short answer to the question, “What kind of coach are you?”

I prefer the words “integrative” and “systemic”. They mean different things to different people. Here what they mean to me:

Without integration we live in a fragmented condition. We must embrace all aspects of our personality and life history, even the parts we don’t like. This way we become whole.

Moving abroad increases our fragmentation. We lose friends, family, career, language, culture: a large part of our identity. Like me, many of my clients are immigrants. I help them integrate themselves in their new country: Germany.

No one lives completely alone. You're part of a system: workplace, family, friends, etc. The changes that you seek in your life might (and probably will) have an impact on the system you're part of. In our coaching we can’t ignore the system and its reactions.