Liberty Farm: A Family Portrait

Set in the semi-arid backlands of northeastern Brazil and spanning one century and three generations, this family saga is a complex psychological portrait of family life, intertwined with Brazil’s history from the birth of the republic to the end of the military dictatorship in 1989.

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NetGalley Praise

“Well written, informative and entertaining, with a touch of magical realism... A labor of love, with great attention to detail... A wonderful story about sorrow, loyalty, compromises, power, and a strong yet unfulfilled desire for paternal love... A minimalist writing style echoes that of Cather and Hemingway... I experienced real emotions of anger, hate, disappointment, sadness, and joy right along with the characters... Poignant and full of heart-felt characters, it left me heart broken and wanting more... A really compelling novel about some truly memorable characters...”

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