NetGalley Praise

"This book is so much fun! Pablo is an interesting study of what a person will do when they are pushed to the limit to find out what they are capable of.  His own horror at his initial actions is realistic and he then rather than bottoming out he seems to equalise and find his new moral compass... The story is well paced and will completely suck you in!"
Sue D., Reviewer – Australia

"Not my usual kind of book but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The characters are interesting and I liked the writing style. Will keep an eye out more books from this author."
Vicki J., Reviewer - United Kingdom

"The book is well researched, hilarious and thrilling... There are some great characters there ...but the best was Pablo’s dysfunctional family. His father, mother, siblings are funny and weird. Highly recommended reading! I would highly recommend the book for thriller seekers and also those wanting a good laugh."
Lata S., Reviewer - India

"I was very impressed with Amorim’s exploration of identity and self-discovery within such an unlikely context. Pablo’s journey expertly demonstrates just how fragile our identities can be and highlights just how far we, as humans, will go in order to survive... Amorim’s writing style is unlike anything I have ever encountered previously."
Zoie C., Reviewer - United States

"Did love the read. Read it in a day. The writing keeps you wanting more..."
William K., Reviewer - United Kingdom

"Pablo was a real interesting character and I ABSOLUTELY loved his dark humor. This book was a little different than the books i usually read, but it didn't disappoint me a bit."
Poppy A., Reviewer - United States

"Very interesting read. Pablo is an intriguing character. He is not as merciless as the description gives him. It is an unbelievable tale; but I enjoyed reading it."
Barbara C., Educator - United States

"This novel is unusual, deviating from other books of similar nature... I consider this book to show political satire, philosophical reasoning which is questionable at times. I did enjoy this book, and would recommend it. Keep an open mind when reading."
Linda Z., Reviewer - United States

"The book is filled with dark humor, but it doesn’t overdo it. Pablo’s behavior always stays in character, even as he struggles to find his own identity and come to terms with how he’s changed... An intriguing read, and one I very much enjoyed. If you like literary fiction with a dark sense of humor, I recommend this book."
Majanka V., Reviewer – Belgium

"I really enjoyed On the Run by Izai Amorim. The story starts with a shooting and the main character, Pablo, being forced on the run to avoid the Feds and Colombians. We follow Pablo on a journey both physical, emotional, and through time to prove his innocence."
Alyce C., Reviewer – United States

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